What are the modes of delivery and transport available for me?

This Shipping & Delivery Policy is an integral component of our Terms of Use (“Terms”) and should be studied in conjunction with our main Terms located at https://svgdesign.org/terms-of-service.

Shopping in person and collecting the purchased item directly from the store.

It is possible to collect any item bought from the store right away once the payment is completed.

Delivery at no charge

All orders come with complimentary next-day delivery.

What is the process for completing my subscription?

Once we get your payment for a subscription, the perks will be added to your profile right away.

Do you provide services outside of your country?

Our products can be shipped around the globe, and we provide same-day delivery free of cost for orders placed internationally.

It is important to be aware that certain regulations and limitations may apply to some international shipments and you may be responsible for paying extra taxes and fees that are out of our control. If that is the case, it is your responsibility to follow the laws of the country you are in and cover any extra charges that may result.

Are there any queries regarding refunds?

If you have any queries regarding our Return Policy, please read through the information available at https://svgdesign.org/refund-returns

What is the best way to get in touch with us concerning this policy?

If you have any additional queries or opinions, you can get in touch with us by: